No more cheap poor or expensive overpriced 3D printers!

CraftBot 3d printer
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This week we just released our Indiegogo campaign and we’re so happy with all the positive feedback and support from all over the world. In only 2 days we have reached our campaign goal and we couldn’t be happier! And this is just the beginning.


Our new CraftBot 3D printer is here to stay and here’s why: we don’t want to bring to the market the cheapest 3D printer and we also don’t agree with so much money wasted on the expensive ones – the first ones will give you a poor final product and the second ones are completely overpriced. So what’s our goal? To bring you a very affordable, yet high quality 3D printer that anyone can use.


Here’s the 10 reasons why you’ll love to use our 3D Printer, CraftBot:


Our CraftBot is ready to use

Our CraftBot is ready-to-use and works right out of the box: anybody can use our CraftBot 3D printer, especially when accompanied by CraftWare. Every youth growing up in a world of technology can use it – the tests have gone out and the results are in.


The best material and the utmost precision

We started by using the best quality steel and aluminium – CraftBot is assembled with the utmost precision, keeping in mind that the printer head must make very fine movements. Also, CraftBot utilizes quality laser cut metal parts and CNC milled components to achieve a higher standard of 3D printing.


A desktop 3D printer that actually can print large objects. Because size does matter!

CraftBot is capable of printing large objects (250x200x200 mm, approx. 10x8x8 in) – it has one of the biggest build volume in its class. And believe us: Size does matter! Surely you do not want to print chairs for ants.


Heatable build platform, no bending or warping

We have designed our 3D printer with a heatable build platform to avoid your 3D printing to to bend or warp during the printing process – most of our lower-priced competitors do not use it because it requires a stronger power supply.


Removable platform

We have eliminated the unnecessary injuries caused by reaching into the machine to remove the finished object. The easy solution: a removable build platform.


Touchscreen LCD

Most of our competitors use a 4×20 matrix non-graphical display that is difficult to operate. CraftBot uses a 2.8” QVGA LCD touchscreen, which makes it very easy to control the printer.


Custom electronics

The heart of CraftBot lies in its electronics. Our goal was to achieve dual channel communication allowing the user to immediately interact with the printer.



CraftBot also understands a standard command set, which means that it can be controlled by CraftWare or with other software of your choice.


No average technical specifications – only the best quality!

And last but not least, the technical specifications. Check out our 3D printer compare chart and see for yourself:

CraftBot 3d printer technical specifications


You still have 28 days left to get your CraftBot on Indiegogo for a very especial price. Join us on our Facebook and Twitter and stay tuned to this new 3D printing revolution!



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I want this.

  • Hi
    I wanted to buy this so bad.
    Being an international student I had to wait for my family to send
    Me the funds so that I could I buy this. But unfortunately you closed your campaign can you please allow me to order on of yours early bird patch.
    I will be very thankful I was watching your indiegogo campaign every day
    So I thought I should ask you about this.
    I hope you won’t deny my request

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