We can safely say, that almost everybody has got some sort of action camera, even those who tend to follow a more peaceful, or even boring lifestyle. This was also made with an action camera: With 3d printing we can make virtually any accessory for mounting, carrying, holding, or doing all kind of tweaks. (just… Read More

We’ve already seen some great successes so far, but the 2016 Summer Olympic Games are still on and there’s always something 3d printing related curiosity around the competitors to help them to their desired gold medal!   Mostly known about their cars, BMW now really takes part in the olympic games. They’ve aided the swimming… Read More

When you first see an FFF printer you can be quite astonished how it kept pulling the filament in, heating it up, and laying down the molten plastic to become solid again. It kinda looked like magic, which is all happening inside a small part of the printer; the hot end.   A quality hot… Read More