3d printing is getting more and more important in space research, not just by prototyping and simulated experiments, but there already are working 3d printed parts in space, not to mention printers!   Sure, some of them are just concepts at the moment, but some are a bit further already. Like Audi’s 3d printed lunar… Read More

We just can’t tell enough about PLA, and there’s a special reason we’re so keen on it.   Just for a quick rehearsal; PLA or Polylactic acid is a widely used thermoplastic polymer. We like it mostly because it’s easy to print with, it doesn’t warp, the interlayer bonding is excellent, and with just about… Read More

When you first see an FFF printer you can be quite astonished how it kept pulling the filament in, heating it up, and laying down the molten plastic to become solid again. It kinda looked like magic, which is all happening inside a small part of the printer; the hot end.   A quality hot… Read More

So you might be a skilled 3d modeler, but what can you do, when simply reverse engineering the reality is not enough or it just takes too much time? You use a 3d scanner! But how do we get a real life object into the computer?     There are more kind of technologies available… Read More