When you first see an FFF printer you can be quite astonished how it kept pulling the filament in, heating it up, and laying down the molten plastic to become solid again. It kinda looked like magic, which is all happening inside a small part of the printer; the hot end.   A quality hot… Read More

Easter is mostly about two things: the easter bunny, and easter eggs (and horrible egg puns). It’s kinda surprising how many things could the 3d printing community come up with, in relation with only these two topics.   Eggs have a lovely shape, but they’re prone to roll away. That’s why you need an egg… Read More

Building a good, lasting house needs a solid ground. Your prints need a steady base as well, therefore the buildplate is an important part of your 3d printer.   Most 3d printers come with a heated bed, made mostly out of borosilicate glass (the material that the oven doors and lab equipment are made of),… Read More

ABS is great! It’s strong, a bit flexible and thanks to the heated bed you can easily use it with the CraftBot PLUS. But sometimes there are prints that just won’t stick to the printing bed. We’ve collected some basic hints to help you succeed.   Leveling Make sure you’ve leveled your printing bed properly,… Read More