We can safely say, that almost everybody has got some sort of action camera, even those who tend to follow a more peaceful, or even boring lifestyle. This was also made with an action camera: With 3d printing we can make virtually any accessory for mounting, carrying, holding, or doing all kind of tweaks. (just… Read More

Owning a CraftBot is a great, heartwarming feeling, but there are some other things, that can make our hearts a even more warmer; Our beloved pets!   No matter if it’s a dog, a cat, a fish, or any type of exotic animal, having a pet around the house always serves as a good opportunity… Read More

3d printing is getting more and more important in space research, not just by prototyping and simulated experiments, but there already are working 3d printed parts in space, not to mention printers!   Sure, some of them are just concepts at the moment, but some are a bit further already. Like Audi’s 3d printed lunar… Read More