So you might be a skilled 3d modeler, but what can you do, when simply reverse engineering the reality is not enough or it just takes too much time? You use a 3d scanner! But how do we get a real life object into the computer?     There are more kind of technologies available… Read More

Summer is around the corner on the northern hemisphere, which means lots of sunshine, therefore lots of squinting with your eyes once you leave the safety of your room and decide to go outside. Except, if you have a pair of sunglasses. In case you don’t, it’s a perfect opportunity to print one yourself (uhm,… Read More

Easter is mostly about two things: the easter bunny, and easter eggs (and horrible egg puns). It’s kinda surprising how many things could the 3d printing community come up with, in relation with only these two topics.   Eggs have a lovely shape, but they’re prone to roll away. That’s why you need an egg… Read More