If you get an affordable 3D printer today, chances are that in a few days you’re already experimenting many types of printings just to understand how your printer works. So why not enjoy that testing time and create some great cool gadgets with your affordable 3D printer? Just find out some great ones posted in… Read More


If you need some inspiration for your DIY projects, here’s another great Maker you must know and follow in order to learn with the best.  Passionate about woodworking, Steve Ramsey is the mentor of Woodworking for Mere Mortals project, a place dedicated to the woodworking revolution.Steve believes that everyone can make fantastic DIY projects on… Read More

Maker Talks with Maker Movie team

They believe that being a Maker is not taking the world as it’s given – and they are completely right. After the success of Design & Thinking documentary, this team never gave up and started a new Kickstarter project, this time to fund Maker, a must-watch documentary that gives you a deeper look into the… Read More