Maker Talks: Interview with Punished Props

He’s considered the master of props and costumes making. Space guns, fantasy weapons, and sets of armor are part of his everyday life and making is his passion. On 2009 Bill started making props and costumes with friends and for friends and now he is Punished Props, one of the most creative minds on his… Read More

DIY projects | Maker of the week: Paul Cox

We always say that if you want to improve your DIY projects, you need two things: passion and the will to learn, especially with the best. To make and create you must always get out of your comfort zone (run away from it!) and accept every challenge that comes. And even if they don’t seem… Read More

Maker Talks: Interview with Jimmy DiResta

He’s the master of making and he can truly make almost everything, transforming the normal and reinventing the usual into mind-blowing objects everyday. Curious and inventive, DiResta started making things when he was a child and since then he didn’t stop: making is his life and each challenge is welcomed. Now DiResta stepped into the… Read More