3D Printing art: Artist of the Year 2014 nominees by 3D PrintShow

3D-printing art world: find out the nominees for Artist of the Year 2014 by 3D PrintShow
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We all know how much a 3D printer can change the world, isn’t it? Many areas have been developing better and faster thanks to this new technology and art is one of them. We can say that there’s a new art concept nowadays: 3D printing art, a new path that is leading people to see and make art in a total different way.


It’s no surprise that 3D Print Show already has an “Artist of the Year” category that rewards the most innovative people on this field. The 2014 finalists were just selected and now they are up for public voting. Let’s take a look on the people that are revolutionizing the 3D-printing art world.



James Stewart

James Stewart and the 3D-printing art world Mixing the worlds of Video Effects and Fine Art, lies a great exemple of the 3D Printing art world. The work above is African Orange, a Maya generated model with graffiti and modified modern art adorning her torso – only one exemple of James fabulous art. It was Photoshop painted and then printed with Stephan Adams at Artiful.net.



Tobias Klein

Tobias Klein and the 3D-printing art world Tobias Klein has an architecture education and works as educator between London and Hong Kong. His work is a mix of contemporary CAD techniques and CAD/CAM technologies with design narratives and historical architectural references. Another great exemple of the 3D printing art world is the piece ‘The Garden of Earthly Delights’ that shows the struggle between the man-made build and the naturally grown environment. A colourful and powerful spectacle for sure.



Francois Veraart

Francois Veraart and the 3D-printing art worldA master in in illustration and image manipulation, Francois Veraart created a 3D poster to promote the best Dutch Deejays – a great way to use 3D printing with a more commercial purpose.



Agustin Flowalistik

Agustin Flowalistik and the 3D-printing art worldWith the Low Poly Pokemon project, Agustin created a tribute to Pokemon and strong feelings like childhood memories. The Pokemon was turned into 3D Printing art in order to reach as many people as possible, giving everyone the opportunity to be part of these memories.



Ana Rajcevic

Ana Rajcevic and the 3D-printing art worldWith the project Second Surface, Ana explored how new technologies might extend her existing creative practice, creating a way to represent the concepts of identity-construction and self-representation.



Anna Nazo

Anna Nazo and the 3D-printing art worldBetween art and design, Ana created The Garden EPLVLEREPRAETERITORVM, a Latin form that means from the dust of the past. On this work Ana rethinks an extinct alphabet into a contemporary context, using 3D print, a cutting-edge technology, to help emphasize this idea.



Dorry Hsu

Dorry Hsu  and the 3D-printing art worldWith this project The Aesthetic of Fears, Dorry recorded her personal fearful objects and situations across forty days. This project includes three collections which are the 3D printing mask, fine jewellery, and bronze sculpture.



Joshua Harker

Joshua Harker and the 3D-printing art worldConsidered a master of the 3D Printing art world, Joshua Harker is well-known for his love for skulls: a great achievement was the 21st Century Self-Portrait where Harker created a new dimension to one of the oldest themes in art: the self-portrait, establishing a new take on how we perceive ourselves in the modern world.



Jon Fidler

Jon Fidler and the 3D-printing art worldIn partnership with Damiola, well-known for the sneaker-inspired artwork, Jon explored the possibilities of creating a 3D sculpture based on Nike Air Force 1 sneaker. Damiola created the 2D piece in black pen and then Jon sculpt the work in 3D. A great exemple of what can be made on the 3D print art field.



Mehran Gharleghi & Amin Sadeghy

Mehran Gharleghi & Amin Sadeghy and the 3D-printing art worldWith the GeMo (Genetically Modified) project, Mehran and Amin created an impact on the design world. The vases are customized mass series that are generated using symmetrical multi-sided polygons. This allows for the creation of a wide range of over 500 variations that are impossible to produce using other techniques.



Imagine yourself walking through an orchestra playing with the possibility of arranging the orchestra yourself – that’s the main idea of the Tangible Orchestra project. To make this happen, many custom parts that don’t exist were needed and a good solution for this was 3D printing.



Martin Žampach

Martin Žampach and the 3D-printing art worldUsing the properties of FDM technology as a visual advantage, the idea was to create the vases without the need for any support. Last July this work was debuted on Thingiverse.com, considered featured design.




Pussykrew and the 3D-printing art worldWith a great experience on the 3D animations field, Pussykrew decided to transform their video creations into material forms, creating 3D printing sculptures. The exemple above, Melter, was created using PLA for printing and acrylic paint for finishings. Post-processing of the prints has included polishing, sanding and painting.




TTY and the 3D-printing art worldWith a big experience in Photography, Virtual Photography, 3D Modeling Photography, Photographic Movie and Digital Animation, TTY is a visual artist that uses 3D printing technology to enquire about physical dematerialization as a major trend in the contemporary world.



Wich of this ones you think should be Artist of the Year 2014?




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